Flight Coffee

Branding, Digital, Environmental, Packaging, Typography

Flight Coffee are Wellington’s leading coffee specialists. Their focus is on coffee appreciation, education and development. In the past five years Flight Coffee have won a range of awards illustrating their dedication and commitment to the coffee trade. 

Our mission was to create a timeless brand to sit alongside their youthful, energetic approach. We referenced Flight’s founding brand elements, coffee culture and also the spectacular art of 1940’s WWII fighter aircrafts.

We then responded by designing an elegant hand-drawn typographic logo, which features in a range of vibrant colours and is accompanied by gold accents. The brand collateral includes naturally textured paper stocks and embossings. Flight's print work utilises vegetable based ink printing & all coffee cups are compostable. This provides a comprehensive visual and tactile experience for the customer.

Flight Coffee now has a cohesive look across their ever-expanding coffee empire.


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