Panhead Beervana

Panhead Beervana Stand

Branding, Environmental, Illustration, SIgnage

Panhead Custom Ales was firing on all cylinders at Beervana this year.

Inspired by the new Tarmackers Range, we had been busy behind the scenes working alongside Simon Morse to design this monstrous stand.

This was the publics first real glimpse into the world of the Tarmackers and a chance to fuel up on all four heavily crafted brews.

Lube Nube 6.7% IPA
Tyre Fryer 5.4% Pale Ale
Doh Nutter 4.8% Hoppy Lager
Motor Mouth 4.7% Watermelon Sour

A special thanks to Dzine Signs for their amazing work constructing this marvel of a stand.

Photography by Tom Reidy


Close Up Stand
Beer Merch
Beer Pour