Commonsense Organics 25 years

25 Years of Commonsense

Celebrating 25 years in style! 

We highlighted this monumental occasion by designing a brand campaign that Commonsense Organics could roll out across their nationwide stores.

The choice of native birds expresses something right at the heart of Commonsense Organics: how organic farming supports our natural environment. All the shelter belts at Common Property are planted up with natives.  “As soon as that happened, the birds came!” Chair of Commonsense Lucy Kebbell says. “Kereru, tui, piwakawaka and bellbirds. They were a natural form of pest control.”

We also created a special edition chocolate bar incorporating the 25 year branding with our friends from the Wellington Chocolate Factory. With cacao nibs and sea salt. Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegan, Low Salt, Fair Trade, Made in New Zealand.

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