Adobe Roadshow

Adobe Roadshow De-Brief

The Adobe Create Now Roadshow was recently held at Sky City in Auckland. Inject's Creative Director Harry A'Court and Illustrator Gina Kiel where invited to be guest speakers at the event.

Gina and Harry spoke about their creative processes, whilst showcasing one of their recent collaborative projects, a one of a kind Shapers Inc surfboard. They created a piece of artwork, which was then inlayed into the custom shaped surfboard by Roger Titcombe. The surfboard was donated to Sustainable Coastlines and auctioned off at the Annual Charity Ball, with a winning bid of $2,600.00.

"Gina Kiel and Harry A‘Court are one of the most magical creative couples in NZ. Their recent talk together at the Adobe Create Now Roadshow in Auckland left us feeling inspired and in absolute wonderment of the mermaid surfboard. A collaboration of passions is such an exciting and rewarding jounrney. Gina and Harry embarked on this journey, to take on the high seas and came out with a true victory, a unique and beautiful creative project. This surfboard collaboration, crafted with a fearless passion, was a first for all involved which means that personal and professional achievement was spiralling out to the max. Gina and Harry presented the project to the CreateNow audience and needless to say socks were rocked." Matt Jackson - Affectors.