Commonsense Organics

A fresh new look!
It's just Commonsense

Commonsense Organics has been providing fresh organic food since 1991, they are a family business with values at the heart of what they do and that won't change. What has changed is their name, shortening to 'Commonsense' as they are more than just organics. Co-founders Marion and Jim have been guided by their three core values: organic food, environmental sustainability, and fair trade and social responsibilty since the opening of their first store. Marion says "we’re proud of the name 'Commonsense Organics', organics are a core part of our business, and this isn’t going to change. But we wanted our name to reflect all our values. The answer was, well, Commonsense!"

We worked with Commonsense to create a fresh look for their name change, they wanted a new style that personified their holistic approach to ethical trading. As Jim describes it: "we think all businesses should be caring for the environment, their communities and their people. This is what we mean by Commonsense."  

We rebranded Commonsense with a new look and designed a graphic logo to incorporate their values in a visual way. Alongside this we created store signage, collateral and further assets to use throughout their brand.