Nourish Bars

Hot New Packaging for Nourish

With an electric burst of colour, coupled with a stripped back swiss design aesthetic, Nourish now has a fresh new brand to represent them in the ever growing world of health foods.

Nourish is on a mission to put health back into healthy snacking. By cutting out the bad stuff and squeezing in as many natural, nutrient-rich whole foods that we possibly can, Nourish is able to provide other busy, health-conscious individuals with a nourishing bite they can trust.

Every ingredient used in the development of Nourish health food bars has been carefully considered, then tried, tested and proven to be the ideal choice for the busy lifestyles of today. The base ingredients in each bar are a medley of premium freshly roasted nuts, dates, whey protein concentrate, rice bran oil, and a distinctly unique binder called chicory root. As a prebiotic and source of fibre, chicory root enhances digestion while stimulating production of beneficial gut bacteria. While many other food bars rely on bonding agents that are high in refined sugars, our fibre rich binder is great for gut health and allows a plethora of additional benefits to Nourish health food bars. Additionally, all Nourish products have been approved by Coeliac New Zealand and are adorned with the ‘crossed grain’ stamp of approval. Along with these base ingredients, each bar encompasses a distinct and delicate blend of natural flavours to entice and excite the taste buds, including NZ Manuka honey, 100% pure Heilala Vanilla beans and natural cacao liquor, providing every Nourish bar with a burst of moorish flavour.