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Inject is an award winning, multidisciplinary design agency, focusing on producing highly creative work that effectively communicates our clients products and services.

The work we create is timeless, refined, and designed to stand out from the otherwise visually saturated environment we are surrounded by daily. 

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We work on projects that appeal to us, ensuring our ideas are consistently fresh, imaginative, and inspired. This separates us from the competition.

Our young team thrives on projects that foster innovation, coming up with solutions that go beyond the standard response.

At Inject we create a supportive environment for our designers by nurturing their talent and harnessing their ideas in ways that are beneficial.

With client partnerships that have spanned over a decade, loyalty, trust, and faith, have been instilled in our team enabling confidence and creating opportunities for us to produce work that we are proud to stand behind.

We specialise in Branding, Graphic Design, Print Collateral Design, Packaging Design, Environmental & Signage Design, Web Design & Development, CMS Platform Integration & Development, Illustration, Typography, Copywriting & Photography.

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Our Work



With a focus on fresh, seasonal and simple cuisine, Inject set out to craft a re-brand and an all new web presence for the Catering Studio.

Food is The Catering Studio's business, Simon and his team understand that successful catering is about organisation, high quality service, and great food. At Inject, we believed the best way to showcase this was placing emphasis on the food without design getting in the way.

An in-house photoshoot was carefully constructed with custom built recycled timber backgrounds, eclectic props and a array of meals and other tasty treats. 

A minimalistic brand was then developed around the imagery, ensuring beautiful food always took the spotlight. The new website has been custom built to enable online ordering with simplicity and ease, all built on top of a CMS allowing the client to edit products and imagery at anytime - a necessity given the seasonal nature of the dishes. 

The Catering Studio ensures top quality food and service, whatever your event may be.

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Lot 99 approached us with a concept never seen before in New Zealand, An online wine community dedicated to uniting our countries wineries and wine lovers. Inject were required to create a logo which could stand on it’s own yet be non-intrusive as to not overpower the wine brands on Lot 99.
The resulting brand has been kept simple with typography based on spray painted numbers at the end of a row of vines and housed in a square to give the mark a timeless and modern quality.

On the sales side of the Lot 99 website we see wineries with their own customisable page and the ability to upload blogs, keep twitter feeds, add photographs and more importantly, upload their entire range of wines for sale matched with tasting notes, awards and reviews. 

The customer side of the site gives users the ability to purchase wines from the online cellar door with discounts rewarded when a user reviews wines or shares wines with friends. Users can search by winery, varietal, geographic location, vintage and price point. Each wine is photographed with it’s accompanying flavour notes, ensuring simple visual recognition and helping the user to quickly recognise what to expect from their purchase.

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Zombies From Hell

Using ‘Augmented Reality’ technology Hell has created the World’s First 3D Zombie Shooter Game on a Pizza Box!

By downloading the Hell augmented reality app onto a mobile device, customers are able to scan their promotional ‘Zombies From Hell’ pizza box and play a 3D zombie shoot-em-up experience where they defend Hell stores against hordes of marching undead. Hell customers are also able to win rewards such as free sides and pizza with their next purchase and unlock levels with new zombies & weapons.

The game has been just launched in New Zealand to a fantastic response and is being supported by a marketing campaign that is engaging HELL customers across a variety of online and offline touch points, including a viral marketing drive, in-store demonstrations and publicity stunts. The Hell App is available to download for users of both android and iOS devices.

 Apple App Store -

Google Play - 

Click Here to visit the official website.

Inject created the Branding, User Interface, Game Assets, Online & Print Promotional Material.
Character Design by Gina Kiel. Game by One Fat Sheep

"Inject Design is a class act. This is why Harry & the Inject team have been with us for over 8 years. They go the extra mile to get to know their clients wants and needs. Their attention to the detail is second to none; they are true artists of their craft." Jason Buckley, Marketing Manager - Hell

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Wellington Chocolate Factory


The brand new Wellington Chocolate Factory specialise in beautiful handcrafted chocolate. To marry with this handmade ethos a brand was developed featuring unique illustrations from an array of artists to represent each chocolate flavour and variety.

Accompanying that is a simplistic minimal wordmark which is elegant and timeless enough to stand on it's own yet humble enough to give space to the beauty of these illustrations. With the constant of the black and white, yet the limitless opportunity for new illustrations, Wellington Chocolate Factory has the ability to visually grow alongside their ever expanding flavour range. Pop in and try some today.

Featured Illustrations by Gina Kiel.

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Gentlemen's Beans


A once derelict, 1910s, toilet block in the heart of Wellington’s party central, Courtenay Place, has been turned into a micro roastery and coffee bar.

Micro roasting is a daily task, done by hand, boutique style. The 1920s social undertone of the ‘working man’ and the consequent appreciation for craftsmanship, the trading of goods as a luxury in the days of long sea journeys and the hard-working innocence of the times, married well with the boutique nature of the business. The story of those hard working souls is what we encapsulated into the brand.

The typefaces used in the logo were re-drawn by hand to reflect a human presence and aged authenticity.The colour palette complements the brick tones of the original structure, as well as encourages desire for the taste of a delicious brew.The wood-cut styled logo mark tells a story about the 'original gentlemen' smoking a cigarette after a long, hard days work.The use of the contemporary materials, metallic inks and dimensional lettering, alongside the historical ambience of stamped coffee bags and the brand’s character, creates a harmonious balance of aesthetics from the old to the new, complementing the Arcitecture of the structure.

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Fat Freddys Drop


Blackbirds, like crows, can be mythical symbols of ominous forces. The image on the cover has power and strength highlighted by the contrast of the loose, inky hand-drawn brushstrokes against a stark, white background. The effect has movement and energy and creates a sophisticated, timeless appeal.

The illustration is hyper-real in its detail. This gives depth, intrigue and draws the viewer in for a closer look.

The colouration pays homage to our well-loved native New Zealand Tui. 

Illustration by Gina Kiel.

"Fat Freddy's Drop are so proud of their artwork - we stick-out like a sore thumb, it's so good!!" Nicole Duckworth - Manager - Fat Freddy's Drop

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Havana Bar


Embracing Cuba's history, music, rum and famous cigars. Our aim was to incorporate the quality and vibe of Havana Bar and Restaurant in to a single scrolling page.

Whether it be an animated aperitif or a travelling telephone, elements of the phenomenal food, delicious drinks and general good times are layered over rich textures, drawing you in to this cuban oasis hidden away in the backstreets of Wellington.

Work Produced: Website Design & Build


"The team at Inject are so awesome, and after a bottle of Ron Varadero they are even good looking". Roger Young, Director - Havana Bar

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Yoshi Sushi


Our client's Mon (family crest) was incorporated into the Yoshi brand and became a strong graphic element that was repeated seamlessly throughout the branding.

The Yoshi brand encapsulates elements of culture, cuisine, modernity as well as expressing a personal connection with the client's family heritage.

The linear pattern of the design is our graphic interpretation of origami and rice paper, which we deployed subtly to create a multi-dimensional feel. The colours are strong clean and precise, representing that of Japanese flag.

Work Produced: Branding, Graphic Design, Collateral, Store Signage.

"Inject is a great team of young, talented designers. They came up with perfect branding for us that was not only unique but also incorporated a lot of personal meaning into it. They made our dreams and visions a reality. We'd recommend anyone to use Inject. The planning meetings were always a highlight of our weeks talking with the team and seeing Yoshi take form. Yoshi just wouldn't have been the same without them!" Helen Kono, Director - Yoshi

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Pack Group

Matterhorn & Foxglove Posters

Matterhorn is a timeless venue and longstanding focal point of Wellington’s nightlife, while Foxglove is adorned with a touch of 1940's vintage glamour and coupled with sweeping harbour views from every vantage point.

This prompted us to focus on the timeless qualities of design: colour, typography and space.

We are proud to be launching a new range of gig posters for this iconic venue.

Work Produced: Bi-monthly Poster Campaign

"Inject Design are the consummate professionals, extremely clever in all things creative, problem solvers of the highest order, and an absolute pleasure to work with." Amy Fitzgerald, Events Manager - Pack Group

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Inspired Jewellery

Website & Branding

The Inspired Collection team have a genuine passion for their work. The website we designed conveys this passion through showcasing their work from the initial designs through to the finished piece.

We are proud to report the passion we have for our work synergised with their own, resulting in featuring on 30 design gallery websites and achieving 'site of the day' on

Work Produced: Website, Graphic Design, Brochures, Collateral, Packaging, Presentation Collateral, Web Banner Ads, Photography.


"Inject have helped us execute our vision of creating a brand that reflects the unique design and quality of the jewellery we handcraft. They have worked with us on all areas of our brand from design, collateral, photography, illustration and the web. Through Inject we've also collaborated with some of NZ's best photographers, film-makers and illustrators to further enhance The Inspired Collection brand. I'd highly recommend the Inject team even if they never let me win at darts!" Chris Benham, Director - Inspired

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Crazy Horse


This refined yet textural branding revolves around the Crazy Horse's celebration of fine meat, agriculture and fresh local produce.

Work Produced: Branding, Store Signage, Menus, Collateral, Print Advertising.

"Creative, responsive and productive. Always professional and a pleasure to work with."
Simon Niblett, Director - Crazy Horse The Steakhouse 

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Tekron International


Tekron International are leading worldwide manufacturers and distributors of Time Sync and GPS clocks. With a specialist product range they enlisted our help to create a new website, focusing on growing their ever expanding international market. 

A product range photo shoot was undertaken by Inject before the design of separate desktop and mobile websites. Custom quote forms were built for each unique product and a members log in area exists ensuring customers can download manuals and documentation. The result is a multi-platform site with beautiful and informative imagery of Tekrons entire product range, and a tool with which they can advance further in to new markets. 

Work Produced: Photo Shot, Website Design & Build for Desktop and mobile browsers.


"The team at Inject helped us turn our vision into reality. The website, which serves as the hub for our brand and products, exudes refinement and clarity, an unachieved combination within our market. From conception to execution, Inject took our ideas and polished them into something better. Their winning personalities and can-do attitude made the project such a success!" Marcus Figueroa, Marketing Manager - Tekron 









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Steer & Beer


Overlooking Courtney place you'll find Wellington's new contemporary western bar and grill.
In branding Steer & Beer we focused on the menus core ingredients, extracting specific meat cuts to feature throughout signage and menus.

Working alongside interior designer Allistar Cox, a burgundy red logo and age treated steel signage interplays with a dark wood and steel lined interior. 

The secondary 'SB' logo employs the form of a branding iron, and can be seen on the external wall glowing a scorching red. 

Next time you're near by, haul up a seat at the bar, let the cow hyde stroke your knees and be mesmerised as the iconic bull stares down at you from above. 

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OFFICE: Level 2, 13/15 Adelaide Rd Mt Cook, Wellington New Zealand - 6021

PHONE: +64 4 381 3800

EMAIL: enquiries [at] injectdesign [dot] co [dot] nz







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